8 weeks today

I’ve not written much lately as to be honest I haven’t had much to report, not unless you want to hear about me feeling sick all the time!

But I’ve got an update for you all, I’m 8 weeks today. I didn’t know my dates but today I had to go in for an early scan and I found out.

Sunday night I began passing clots and had a small amount of cramping. I called 111 as my GP was shut and they referred me for an early scan. I honestly was expecting the worst and wasn’t thinking I would be walking out of there with a huge smile on my face.

Turns out I have a haematoma next to baby and it’s harmless. It may unfortunately mean I’ll bleed again but unless I feel a need for concern we should both be ok.

I had my rough dates as 8+2 but turns out I’m 8 weeks exactly which is great and puts my due date to the very end of January 2018.

We saw our little blob on the screen with a little heart beating away, it was such a relief and I’m so glad we came away from there with happy news.

I also had my booking in appointment with the midwife today. I remember my first taking around an hour and it did this time too. I’ve got a new midwife this time compared to last time and she’s lovely as well.

We had a long chat about me being consultant led in this preganancy due to my 4th degree tear with my first baby (I’ll probably fill you all in about that another day). I was consultant led last time due my BMI anyway and all it meant was that they were keeping an extra eye on me which isn’t a bad thing.

So now I’ve just got to wait for my 12 week scan to come through the post and I’m next seeing the midwife in August.

I feel like I can breathe now as for the past couple of days I’ve just been worrying. Fingers crossed that the next few weeks will go smoothly.

Keeping a secret

I don’t know why but it seems a lot harder to keep this pregnancy a secret than it did with my first. I’ve only known about this one for a few days but still I feel like I’ve known forever.

I love watching hubby become more besotted with pip (that’s what we’ve decided to call this bump), it’s lovely to see. They say that men don’t fall as in love with a bump as women do but I think he’s proving men wrong!

But the truth is we really want to tell everyone that baby is coming but we can’t, not yet. Until we get to meet pip for the first time on that little screen then it’s our special secret to keep.

We’ll tell the grandparents about pip soon, we’ve got a very special wedding to go to before the 12 week scan and they’ll need to know so they don’t pass me alcohol to drink. It will be hard as I’m going to be bridesmaid but as long as the bride knows that I can’t drink then we’ll be ok! 

I’ve just ordered some super cute presents for my son to let him know baby is coming, I can’t wait for them to arrive! We might use them in our announcement photo.

As long as this one doesn’t affect me too much then I think we can keep he/she a secret, that means minimal bladder pressing and absolutely no morning sickness! I managed the no morning sickness first time, lets see if I can do it this time too!

Oh My Gosh – I’m Pregnant

So here is where our journey starts, me and bump on a big adventure together. Right now I’m roughly 4-5 weeks pregnant, I’ve done the test and that came back positive. I was over the moon.

We’ve been trying for a baby since May 2016 so to finally get the good news a year later was amazing.

I was at home this time with my husband when I found out. When I did the test last time with my first, hubby was at work and I had to tell him later. But this time we got to find out together.

The date we found out was Sunday 28th May 2017 and our rough estimations make bump due at the end of January/February. 

I’m so excited to be carrying another baby. Although this one has been playing havoc with my body already. I feel tired, queasy and my boobs are killing but hey I guess I’ll forget all that one day!

We haven’t told anyone about this baby yet, only me and hubby know. We will begin to tell family really soon, but until then this is our special little secret.

I’m going to write this blog about bump up until the day he/she is born and then I’ll begin sharing our adventures together, I can’t wait.