Starting Nursery & Admitted To Hospital

The second week of January has come and gone already and we are getting closer to meeting our new arrival.

We fitted the baby’s car seat in to the car ready for when we bring him/her home from hospital. It seems so weird to have two car seats in the car, we’re actually going to have two children in the back of the car!

This one started Nursery this week. We’ve not been in a financial position to pay for him to go to nursery at any point (my goodness nursery fees are expensive) so we waited until he got his 15 funded hours.

He now goes three days a week (Tues-Thurs) for 5 hours a day, we thought it would work well for us as we still have Monday & Friday free if we want a long weekend away and he’s getting a longer day at nursery with a meal which he wouldn’t normally get if he went for 5 x 3 hour sessions.

He seems to have settled in really well, we get a little sheet of paper at the end of each day to let us know what he’s been doing and he’s been doing a variety of things including Sand Play, Outdoor Play & Construction. He’s also eating his meals which is great to hear.

Today though hasn’t been a great end to the week. We were expecting it to be fair though (more details in last weeks post) but here I am finishing my weekly blog post from my hospital room. It’s only the first day so I’m still ok but I can imagine by the end of this week it’s going to be pretty dull.

My dinner was nice though, roast beef & all the trimmings (not bad for hospital dinner). I think I must be the only person I know who actually enjoys hospital food.

I’m sure I’ll have more to update you all on next week, but it may be a boring one if I’m in here. Who knows maybe bump will decide to do a flip over and go head down (we can hope).

See you next Monday!







Bugs & Bad News

How have I spent the first week of January? In a haze of germs and worry. If you follow me over on Instagram then the chances are you already know what’s been going off in my life, but for those who don’t here goes. The picture above was the day before the bad news where hubby took us to Frankie & Benny’s for our dinner and Ethan covered himself in Chocolate Brownie Sundae.

We had our 36 week growth scan this week, I get an extra scan at this time due to my BMI possibly causing a large baby (my first was 8lb 6oz so not huge). We found out that this baby is measuring 6lb 9oz at the moment so he/she is actually measuring smaller than their brother who measured 7lb 5oz at this stage. At my last midwife appointment they had suspected bump would be breech so I was hoping to find out that baby had changed position. It had…but not in the direction we were expecting.

We found out that he/she is now transverse (straight across) and everything became a bit of a blur from there. I went to speak to a consultant who told me that the chances of baby turning now are very minimal so I’ve been booked in for a section before my due date. I’m feeling ok about this now, I was a bit gutted that I wouldn’t get my chance at birth again, but now I know I can focus on being prepared for the section.

They then began mentioning admission to hospital and cord prolapse, not the happy news I was hoping for. Because of baby’s position, if my waters break there’s a good chance the cord can fall through my cervix and become trapped meaning that he/she would be deprived of oxygen and obviously the worst could happen. Therefore they need to admit me to hospital to stay until baby is here.

I had two options, to be admitted there and then on the day (36 weeks) or to stay at home until 38 weeks and go in to hospital then. We discussed this and it was agreed by the doctors too that because I have a 3 year old at home, staying at home would be the better option for me but if my waters break I need to call an ambulance and get in to a position that puts as little pressure on to my cervix as possible. Also the first sign of labour I have to call and head in.

So I’ll be heading into hospital next Sunday (14th January) and I’ll be there until baby is born roughly a week later. I’m worried I’m not going to lie, and I’m going to miss my little boy, but I have the most supportive family who have offered to look after him in the day whilst hubby is at work and then he can bring him to come see me in the evening.

I’ve also been full of a virus this week that the boys had over Christmas (Ethan was ill at Christmas and didn’t want to open his presents or play). It’s just a cold/flu virus so nothing too serious but at nearly 37 weeks pregnant it’s not much fun I’m not going to lie.

I’ve been taking Paracetamol to try and ease it but of course everything else is pretty much banned for pregnant women so I’m just sitting it out and hoping that I don’t go in to labour soon so I’ve got chance to recover from this first. I can’t imagine a cold and a newborn is too much fun.

We’re getting the house ready now for bringing baby home. His/her bedroom has been ready for a while, all we need to do is put the Moses basket in our room when we come home. But I’ve brought the spare Moses basket downstairs, and Ethan seems to have claimed it for his baby. It’s so cute, he comes downstairs in a morning to check on how his baby is doing.

It’s not been the most exciting start to 2018, I’m pretty much restricted to my house and the local shop so that if I go into labour I’m not far away from home. Next week will probably be about the same but hopefully with a few less germs.

See you all next Monday!






Looking back at 2017

I’ve not been the best blogger, truth be told I’m not that confident in writing. I live my life through Instagram, a world of pretty pictures and little words.

I am aiming to be better in 2018, I’m hoping to do a weekly blog post on what we’ve been up to little or large. But for now I thought we’d take a little look back on what 2017 brought us.


Play dates with fellow mummy friends, non mummy friends and winter walks in the country.


Muddy garden centre visits, walks along the waterside and pancakes.


Wedding dress shopping with my sister, our first Sun £9.50 Holiday & a third attempt at Slimming World…oops!


Easter, Weight Loss & Best Man at a wedding.


Catching up with friends in The Lakes, the first picnic of the year and finding out we were pregnant.


Play date with a fox, early pregnancy scan and feeding the ducks.


Camping in Wales, announcing our pregnancy and bridesmaid duties.


Slush puppies, parks and fun in the sun.


Coffee dates, Farm fun and The Royal Albert Hall.


Autumn walks, nursery application & Halloween weddings.


Bonfire night, getting ready for baby and Ethan turning 3.


London, Santa Visits & Christmas.

All in all I think it’s been a wonderful year and I’m so excited for what the next one is going to bring us. All the best to you all for a happy and healthy 2018.





10 Week Worries

So here I am it’s 5:20am on a Sunday morning and whilst I’m supposed to be having a lie in as my husband is entertaining the toddler downstairs, I’m writing a blog post.

Today marks 3 years since I went in to labour with my first born, at 5am (which is strangely enough the time he woke this morning) on the 19th November 2014 I felt my first contraction. It also marks 10 weeks until I’m due to give birth to my second baby. How do I feel about this?

I’ve tried to remain positive this whole pregnancy but small fears are starting to creep in. Let me give you a bit of background info.

When I had my first baby three years ago I was a first time mum not knowing what to expert or how painful labour would be. I had no idea that when I felt that first contraction and got myself all excited triple checking the hospital bag that it would be another three days until I met my bundle of joy. I was in labour for 45.5 hours…sigh.

I had a good labour albeit long, I was happy and off my face on gas and air, and I was actually having a laugh with my husband and my midwife. When I look back now are there things I would change for this labour, yes there are, but I’ll discuss that in another post.

When it came to the birth it was long, I pushed for two and a bit hours and no baby. I had a senior midwife come in to perform an episiotomy (I didn’t need it in the end) and things like heart rate and stress kept getting mentioned, I panicked. I pushed with all my might but I think unfortunately too much might as he came shooting out of me all in one.

He never crowned, I never had that moment of panting whilst the ring of fire happened, he was just born like a rocket. Things are very hazy from this point but doctors came in and anaesthetists came in, I was signing forms and there was talk of tearing and stitches. And off I went.

I held my newborn for 10 minutes and then I was gone for 2 hours. I never got to feed him first, I didn’t get to dress him, didn’t see him getting his newborn checks or his vitamin k injection, I didn’t get that amazing bonding time that is advertised in every pregnancy book across the country.

By the time I came out of theatre I was tired, not Just I’ve been up for 3 days tired but bone tired. My husband and midwife brought my son round to recovery and as I tried to keep my eyes open for some lovely first photos I couldn’t, my body took over and I began to drift. I was taken up to a ward, hubby had to go home and I slept for another 2ish hours.

I lived in a newborn bubble after that, I didn’t worry about what had happened as I had a beautiful family. It’s only now that I’m about to do this all again that the fears are starting to creep in.

My midwife and consultant are great. We’ve discussed what went wrong last time and what we’re going to do differently this time. I’ve been offered a c-section but declined it, I really want to give it a go again and see if I get that perfect time after labour.

But I’ve started to doubt myself, I had a traumatic birth last time there’s no denying that. I had a 4th degree tear and my entire downstairs region was held together with stitches, and there are a number of things that could go wrong this time. What if it all goes wrong again this time?

Every part of me is hoping not, I’m hoping that I can do this, that I can breathe this baby out so as to avoid the risk of tearing again. I’m hoping that if I tear again, it’s a smaller tear that can get stitched in the room so I can still hold my baby and have that precious skin to skin. I’m hoping that I have a shorter labour, and that I don’t have to stop in 3 days after to try and get my iron levels up.

There’s a lot of hope there, and I guess that’s why I’m trying to remain as positive and upbeat about this labour as I can. Who knows what’s going to happen?

I’d love to hear your stories if you’ve been through something similar or are about to try birthing after a severe tear so pop me a line below!





Slow Cooker Corned Beef Hash

Whenever I look for recipes for Corned Beef Hash they’re always made with Baked Beans and a fried egg on top. Now it doesn’t help that the hubby can’t eat beans but it’s not the version that my mum used to make when we were growing up.

I don’t have her recipe so I don’t know exactly how she makes it but this is my version and it was lovely!


  • 1 Tin Corned Beef (Diced)
  • 3 Meduim Potatoes (Peeled & Sliced)
  • 3 Medium Carrots (Peeled & Sliced)
  • 200g Frozen Peas
  • 1 Onion (Peeled & Sliced)
  • 1 Tin Oxtail Soup
  • 500ml Beef Stock
  • Salt & Pepper

Cooking Time:

4 hours on High, 8 hours on Low

Serves 4


Add half of the carrots, onion & peas to the slow cooker.

Dice the Corned Beef and scatter half of it over the vegetable mix.

Top with half the amount of sliced potatoes. Make sure all the below ingredients are covered. Repeat steps 1-3 with the rest of the vegetables & Corned Beef.

Make up 500ml of Beef stock according to the instructions on the box. Add the tin of oxtail soup and stir.

Pour over stock mixture and season with salt and pepper. Cook for 4 hours on low or 8 hours on high. 







24 weeks pregnant

I actually can’t believe we’re at this point already. People always say that your second pregnancy goes faster because you’ve got your little one to keep you occupied and you aren’t just sat for days wondering about what parenting life is like.

I’m 24 weeks pregnant! Well technically I’m 24+4 when I’m writitng this but all the same. I thought I’d give you a little run down on what’s been happening these past few weeks.

Baby is doing well, I’m getting consistent kicks now and really strong ones too. Pip always comes to life around lunchtime and evening time when I’m relaxing in bed, this is usually when you can see my stomach move really well. 

I’m starting to have a lot of Braxton Hicks lately, they’re not painful but more uncomfortable and take me by suprise. I don’t remember having them with Ethan at all so it’s totally new to me. When I get them my stomach goes to a point and goes rock hard (which I’m not used to as I do still have a mum tum from my first born).

I’ve had my flu vaccine and I’m booked in for my whooping cough one next week. I haven’t seen the midwife again yet though, I’m not due to see her at 28 weeks so only a few more to go until then. 

I have been in at the doctors for a bad vein in my leg though, I’ve got thrombophlebitis! I’ve had varicose veins since having Ethan and one of them started to get rather inflamed and painful so I popped along to have it checked out. The doctor has prescribed me some cream and I’m to go back to see the nurse for a stocking fitting. Apparently I don’t have to wear it all the time just on my rest days so I’m guessing that means when I’m at home in my pjs.

I got my MatB1 form from my health centre too and handed that in at work, I’ve got exactly 9 weeks left as I write this and I’ll be doing my last shift for 9 months. I’ve decided to go off at 34 weeks (well 33+4 will be my last actual shift but maternity starts at 34 weeks) as I know that will be the right time for me. I went at 34 weeks with Ethan (mind you I had anaemia that time) and I’m glad I did. Working in retail is hard especially in the lead up to Christmas, I’ll be leaving for maternity 1 week before Christmas which I’m really happy about. 

At least that way I’ll be at home to enjoy my last Christmas as a family of 3 (we’re hosting Christmas dinner this year so it won’t be a relaxing one). And I’ll be at home to take my little man to his first few weeks of nursery, that’s if his nursery gets back to me and lets me know he has a place! 

Anyway I think that’s all to update you on for now. I’m sure at my next update (28 weeks) I’ll have plenty more to fill you in on.






It’s my anniversary!

Back on the 10th October 2016 I sat on my spare bed with my phone rested on a box and recorded my very first video on YouTube. I was so nervous, in fact it took me 5 or 6 attempts to film it, but I got there in the end. I uploaded it and off I went.

I was too nervous to film properly in front of the camera so I filmed all my hauls facing away from me for a while until I finally built up the courage to speak to the camera. 

I’m still an amateur compared to other Youtubers but I’m getting there with daily Vlogs, something I definitely need to improve on and film more of. I think when I get on maternity leave I’ll probably be able to film some more of those as work days at the moment can be a bit hectic.

I’ve got nearly 500 subscribers which to many might not seem like a lot but to me it means the world. I’ve made some lovely friends who I now keep in touch with regularly and I love to have a chat with everyone who comments.

I’m looking forward to seeing where the next year takes us, I’d love to sit here in a Years time and tell you all that I’ve got nearly 1,000 subscribers! Let’s see!