Recent buys

I tend to share everything on my Instagram account (well not everything but pretty close) and one of my latest fascinations has been cute baby clothes.

When we had our first we got rid of everything we had clothes wise, we kept all the big stuff like Moses baskets and cot, but I wanted any future baby I had to be pictured in different clothes and not just their brothers cast offs.

I’ve been raiding sales lately and charity shops, I flipping love a good bargain. So I thought I’d share some of the bits I’ve bought already incase you haven’t all seen it over on my Instagram account.

There’s something about being “team yellow” (or not finding out the sex of the baby for those who aren’t familiar with the term). I love the purity of white, grey and cream, plus our new baby will look so cute in them!

We’re only buying newborn – 3 months at the moment just to see us over the first few weeks then once baby is here and we know if we have a little boy or girl we can go out and buy more colourful clothes, not necessarily blue or pink but something more than white.







First Trimester Saviours

So as I come out of my first trimester in to my second trimester (wow how did we get to this point already) I thought I’d take you through the things that got my through these first weeks.


Oh yes, that magic orange fizz! I couldn’t get enough in my first trimester. Between this and ice cold water that was pretty much all my fluid intake in the first few weeks, everything else made me feel sick.

Face Cream

Early pregnancy hits me hard like I’m sure it does many other women. I feel so tired and my skin dries out. My go to face cream was this Avon one, I’d apply it several times in the day and my skin stayed soft and hydrated. 

Ginger Biscuits 

I’ve had really bad nausea but I’ve not actually been sick. But this nausea has stopped me from wanting to eat anything. Someone recommended ginger biscuits and they definitely work. It takes that little edge of nausea off and gives you a small sugar burst too.

Tonic Water

This was a saviour last time with leg cramps, oh yes those lovely 3am wake up calls. My stepmum actually recommended it, there’s an ingredient in there that helps cramps. I take a small glass to bed and have it just before I go to sleep and if I’m thirsty throughout the night.


Another great thing to help with the sickness, especially when travelling. My favourites have been menthol airwaves and spearmint softmints.

Sickness Bands

I’d heard of sickness bands to be used in travelling but who knew you could use them for morning sickness too! I found they used to help me in an evening when I struggled to eat my dinner. I used these ones here just cheap ones from Amazon.

I think that’s about it for my first trimester saviours. I hope that one of them might help you one day too.







Recently we went on holiday to Wales and we took along our monster tent! This is the first time I’ve been camping whilst pregnant, the last time we went our little boy was 1. We had a lovely time!

We stopped on a campsite called Dolgam near Betws-Y-Coed and Capel Curig in the Snowdonia National Park. It was a lovely campsite and seemed to be very popular with groups who were hiking and stopping for one night. As usual we paid a bit extra for an electric hook up, we always do as we have an electric cool box to keep our food in and it is always useful for a portable DVD player for the little man.

The area was lovely and quiet and only a short drive away from many great locations for days out (Llanberis, Anglesey, Llandudno etc). As we were central to everything we wanted to do it was great.

We had a lovely day on the Llanberis Lake Railway, Ethan loves trains and he loved riding up and down the Lake on this one. We had originally wanted to go up Snowdon but with the ticket prices being over £50 we got put off. Also he wouldn’t have had a seat and would have to have sat on our knee the whole way up and down which let’s face it a two year old isn’t going to do that no matter how much you bribe them with snacks!

We also had a great time over on Anglesey. We visited Rhosneigr, Beaumaris and we stopped off at Plas Newydd which is a National Trust location and as members we get in for free. 

We also went to Penrhyn Castle another National Trust location which was great, they have a mini railway museum inside which thrilled the little man with him being train obsessed! 

Being near Betws-Y-Coed we were only 5 minutes away from Swallow Falls a beautiful waterfall which I would really recommend visiting. We also visited the Conwy Railway Museum which again Ethan loved. We had a ride round on the train and he had a go on the little bumper cars and tram. 

Ethan kept asking for a day at the seaside so we took him off to Llandudno for the day. We went on the Great Orme Tramway and we couldn’t thank their staff enough for being so kind and helpful. They were so welcoming to Ethan and even invited him up front to “drive the tram” which he loved!

We had fish and chips and an hour in the amusements which again he loved. He won some tickets which he exchanged for some sweeties and we went off to find doughnuts.

We also visited Bodnant Gardens another National Trust place which was a really beautiful location but it was far too hot and I didn’t last there very long (joys of being pregnant). 

I loved this week with my little family and it will be the last time we go camping until this baby is over 1 year old, we decided to not go camping next year with a baby as it probably just wouldn’t work for us. I didn’t find camping difficult whilst pregnant however I think if I had been further gone then maybe I would have. We have a few luxuries in our tent so we aren’t exactly wild camping which I guess makes it easier for us!

If you want a better look into what we got up to in Wales I vlogged whilst we were there and I’ll pop that up on my YouTube channel for you all to watch soon!






12 weeks pregnant

I’m now 12 weeks pregnant (although when this is published I will actually be 13 weeks) and this week has been a big one for us.

We had our 12 week scan to find out if everything was ok with baby and it was (yay). We were dated two days forward and are now due on the 28th January. I’m trying to take this with a pinch of salt though as I was overdue with our first and there’s still a small chance I’ll need a csection with this one (though I’ll go in to that another day).

I’ve got all of my hospital antenatal appointments booked, my 20 week scan, GTT, and a growth scan at 36 weeks. I’ve also booked in with the birth options clinic to discuss my options for birth this time after my traumatic birth last time. If you want to hear more about my birth last time I’ll link a video I did on my YouTube channel here:

Also this week we announced our pregnancy to the world. We told our family and close friends in person in the weeks leading up to our 12 week scan but this was our chance to announce to everyone else!

My symptoms are starting to subside this week, I’m feeling less nauseous and I only have the occasional day when I feel sick. I’m still super tired though I think my job and a 4am alarm probably don’t help, and my appetite is still that of a small child – tiny!

I did my first “bumpie” this week, I didn’t want to start until 12 weeks as I’ve still got my mum tum and I wasn’t sure I would see much difference in the early weeks. I’m certainly feeling bigger and more rounded rather than just a flabby tum. I used the BabyCentre app which I used when I had my first, I’m also loving the forums on there at the moment!

I think that’s about it for my 12 week update, I’m nearly in my 2nd trimester! As the pregnancy is now public knowledge I can pop below how to find me on social media.





The Pram

With this baby we won’t be buying a lot of the big baby things that we got to buy with our first as we saved a lot of what we already had. We also repurchased lots of cheap items from eBay along the way of our ttc journey.

The pram we had saved in the loft from our first son is in good condition and would have seen us through another baby but deep down I knew I wanted to get a new one. 

When we had our first baby our pram was bought for us by my in-laws (hubby’s parents) as their gift to us. It was a Hauck travel system and did us great for about 6 months. However we had many issues from that point and with a less than helpful company and a supposed non existent warranty we were left with a broken pram, gutted! 

We went onto the local sale sites and Facebook groups and found a Mamas & Papas Zoom pushchair with just the seat unit, raincover and frame (all we needed for a 6 month old really as we had the car seat/isofix base from the first travel system). It cost us £30 and did us fine up until our son was at the stroller stage.

We managed to pick up a zoom carrycot for 99p on eBay locally so that went in the loft for future children. And we picked up a second hand Maxi Cosi Car seat, Isofix Base and pram adaptors for £10 from a friend, all kitted out if we needed it.

We visited Mamas & Papas at Birstall in Leeds for a look, just a look honest, and came away with a new pram on a payment plan. We were spotted by a lovely shop assistant called Gail who helped us look at both the Sola & the Urbo prams (the advantage of both of those is they have the same fittings as the zoom so our carrycot/car seat adapters would work on them).

I’d always loved the Urbo but couldn’t justify the price tag, the Sola pram was a bit cheaper but not a lot. However they had a sale on and we spotted the most perfect pram ever, the Urbo2 Liberty!

We bought just the frame, seat unit and accessory pack for half price and popped it on to the payment plan service. We’ve also got a two year warranty from the due date of this pregnancy which is fantastic. 

Unlike a credit agreement you don’t pay any extra you just pay the cost of the item. You put down a 25% deposit and then pay off what you want when you want up as long as the balance is paid 28 days before delivery. 

We’ve booked our pram to come the first week of January, the good thing is they’ll keep it safe until then so we haven’t got to store it. Also with the payment plan, if anything happens and we don’t want or need the pram anymore we can cancel at anytime and get our money back in a full refund. 

I absolutely love the Liberty print on this pram, it’s unisex which is great as we aren’t finding out if it’s a girl or a boy and I love the tan handle. 

Whilst I was trying this pram out in the shop I knew I could picture myself pushing the new baby round in it. We’ll sell on the Zoom pram and use the money we get from that to put towards the payment of the new pram. 

Honestly I’m so excited to have this beauty, I can’t wait! 

All photos are from the Mamas & Papas website and all details for this pram can be found here.

Baby names

Today we chose our baby names! When we had our son we took ages to decide on a baby name that we both liked. With being team yellow as well it made it harder as we had to decide a boys and a girls name that we both liked.
With my husband being an ex teacher and myself having been involved in a youth group for many years names were always a controversial subject.

Now I know we shouldn’t let experiences taint names but when you’ve had certain children being little monsters it kinda puts you off that name for life.

However this time round we’ve managed to choose our names a lot quicker which is amazing. We’ve got two boys names and two girls names chosen just in case we change our mind when baby’s born.

We’re also not telling anyone the name this time. With our son we told people the names we had chosen, but this time we wanted both the sex and name to be a complete suprise!

I’m so happy that we’ve chosen them, I love both names for both sexes and I can’t wait to see which one we end up choosing!

Feeling Sick

So I’m currently 8 weeks and my gosh has the nausea begun. I’ve been feeling off for a few weeks with the occasional wave of nausea hitting me and I thought that was hard, how wrong was I?

I don’t know what’s worse, being sick or feeling constantly sick. Now this is coming from someone who is petrified of being sick, so petrified that I’ve made up my own breathing techniques I have to do when I know I’m going to be sick otherwise I panic. But I actually think I would prefer to be sick, and I can’t believe I’m saying that!

It’s affecting my day to day life and I’m really struggling at work. Early pregnancy is hard anyway as it makes you super tired. But with this constant nausea it’s doubled it. I can’t seem to sit or stand for very long I have to lie down. I’m not eating, the thought of any food at the moment makes me turn green (two weeks ago you couldn’t fill me with enough cheese – right now the thought is repulsive). I’m managing water or orange Fanta (my actual lifeline). 

I also feel like I’m completely neglecting my two year old who wants to play all the time. I manage about 15-20 minutes but that’s it I have to rest after that. It’s so not fair on him but I don’t know what else to do.

Needless to say that at the minute I’m feeling pretty fed up! I can’t talk to anyone about this apart from my partner or my mum, my partner won’t understand bless him as he’s never gone through pregnancy and my poor mum I don’t think can manage any more. No one else knows so I’m going through this as quietly as I can when all I want to do is post all over Facebook about how pants I’m feeling right now.

Hopefully this will lift when I leave the first trimester, my god I’m hoping so. I didn’t feel this rubbish with my anemia in my first pregnancy. Also I’m pondering if this baby could be a girl as I feel totally different this time round, I certainly didn’t feel this bad the first time. Who knows?

Right I’ll stop winging, hold my nose whilst I make my sons lunch (ugh – vom) and pray to the gods above that he goes down for a nap this afternoon so I can sneak one in too!

Wish me luck!