First Trimester Saviours

So as I come out of my first trimester in to my second trimester (wow how did we get to this point already) I thought I’d take you through the things that got my through these first weeks.


Oh yes, that magic orange fizz! I couldn’t get enough in my first trimester. Between this and ice cold water that was pretty much all my fluid intake in the first few weeks, everything else made me feel sick.

Face Cream

Early pregnancy hits me hard like I’m sure it does many other women. I feel so tired and my skin dries out. My go to face cream was this Avon one, I’d apply it several times in the day and my skin stayed soft and hydrated. 

Ginger Biscuits 

I’ve had really bad nausea but I’ve not actually been sick. But this nausea has stopped me from wanting to eat anything. Someone recommended ginger biscuits and they definitely work. It takes that little edge of nausea off and gives you a small sugar burst too.

Tonic Water

This was a saviour last time with leg cramps, oh yes those lovely 3am wake up calls. My stepmum actually recommended it, there’s an ingredient in there that helps cramps. I take a small glass to bed and have it just before I go to sleep and if I’m thirsty throughout the night.


Another great thing to help with the sickness, especially when travelling. My favourites have been menthol airwaves and spearmint softmints.

Sickness Bands

I’d heard of sickness bands to be used in travelling but who knew you could use them for morning sickness too! I found they used to help me in an evening when I struggled to eat my dinner. I used these ones here just cheap ones from Amazon.

I think that’s about it for my first trimester saviours. I hope that one of them might help you one day too.







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