12 weeks pregnant

I’m now 12 weeks pregnant (although when this is published I will actually be 13 weeks) and this week has been a big one for us.

We had our 12 week scan to find out if everything was ok with baby and it was (yay). We were dated two days forward and are now due on the 28th January. I’m trying to take this with a pinch of salt though as I was overdue with our first and there’s still a small chance I’ll need a csection with this one (though I’ll go in to that another day).

I’ve got all of my hospital antenatal appointments booked, my 20 week scan, GTT, and a growth scan at 36 weeks. I’ve also booked in with the birth options clinic to discuss my options for birth this time after my traumatic birth last time. If you want to hear more about my birth last time I’ll link a video I did on my YouTube channel here:

Also this week we announced our pregnancy to the world. We told our family and close friends in person in the weeks leading up to our 12 week scan but this was our chance to announce to everyone else!

My symptoms are starting to subside this week, I’m feeling less nauseous and I only have the occasional day when I feel sick. I’m still super tired though I think my job and a 4am alarm probably don’t help, and my appetite is still that of a small child – tiny!

I did my first “bumpie” this week, I didn’t want to start until 12 weeks as I’ve still got my mum tum and I wasn’t sure I would see much difference in the early weeks. I’m certainly feeling bigger and more rounded rather than just a flabby tum. I used the BabyCentre app which I used when I had my first, I’m also loving the forums on there at the moment!

I think that’s about it for my 12 week update, I’m nearly in my 2nd trimester! As the pregnancy is now public knowledge I can pop below how to find me on social media.










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