The Pram

With this baby we won’t be buying a lot of the big baby things that we got to buy with our first as we saved a lot of what we already had. We also repurchased lots of cheap items from eBay along the way of our ttc journey.

The pram we had saved in the loft from our first son is in good condition and would have seen us through another baby but deep down I knew I wanted to get a new one. 

When we had our first baby our pram was bought for us by my in-laws (hubby’s parents) as their gift to us. It was a Hauck travel system and did us great for about 6 months. However we had many issues from that point and with a less than helpful company and a supposed non existent warranty we were left with a broken pram, gutted! 

We went onto the local sale sites and Facebook groups and found a Mamas & Papas Zoom pushchair with just the seat unit, raincover and frame (all we needed for a 6 month old really as we had the car seat/isofix base from the first travel system). It cost us £30 and did us fine up until our son was at the stroller stage.

We managed to pick up a zoom carrycot for 99p on eBay locally so that went in the loft for future children. And we picked up a second hand Maxi Cosi Car seat, Isofix Base and pram adaptors for £10 from a friend, all kitted out if we needed it.

We visited Mamas & Papas at Birstall in Leeds for a look, just a look honest, and came away with a new pram on a payment plan. We were spotted by a lovely shop assistant called Gail who helped us look at both the Sola & the Urbo prams (the advantage of both of those is they have the same fittings as the zoom so our carrycot/car seat adapters would work on them).

I’d always loved the Urbo but couldn’t justify the price tag, the Sola pram was a bit cheaper but not a lot. However they had a sale on and we spotted the most perfect pram ever, the Urbo2 Liberty!

We bought just the frame, seat unit and accessory pack for half price and popped it on to the payment plan service. We’ve also got a two year warranty from the due date of this pregnancy which is fantastic. 

Unlike a credit agreement you don’t pay any extra you just pay the cost of the item. You put down a 25% deposit and then pay off what you want when you want up as long as the balance is paid 28 days before delivery. 

We’ve booked our pram to come the first week of January, the good thing is they’ll keep it safe until then so we haven’t got to store it. Also with the payment plan, if anything happens and we don’t want or need the pram anymore we can cancel at anytime and get our money back in a full refund. 

I absolutely love the Liberty print on this pram, it’s unisex which is great as we aren’t finding out if it’s a girl or a boy and I love the tan handle. 

Whilst I was trying this pram out in the shop I knew I could picture myself pushing the new baby round in it. We’ll sell on the Zoom pram and use the money we get from that to put towards the payment of the new pram. 

Honestly I’m so excited to have this beauty, I can’t wait! 

All photos are from the Mamas & Papas website and all details for this pram can be found here.


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