Baby names

Today we chose our baby names! When we had our son we took ages to decide on a baby name that we both liked. With being team yellow as well it made it harder as we had to decide a boys and a girls name that we both liked.
With my husband being an ex teacher and myself having been involved in a youth group for many years names were always a controversial subject.

Now I know we shouldn’t let experiences taint names but when you’ve had certain children being little monsters it kinda puts you off that name for life.

However this time round we’ve managed to choose our names a lot quicker which is amazing. We’ve got two boys names and two girls names chosen just in case we change our mind when baby’s born.

We’re also not telling anyone the name this time. With our son we told people the names we had chosen, but this time we wanted both the sex and name to be a complete suprise!

I’m so happy that we’ve chosen them, I love both names for both sexes and I can’t wait to see which one we end up choosing!


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