8 weeks today

I’ve not written much lately as to be honest I haven’t had much to report, not unless you want to hear about me feeling sick all the time!

But I’ve got an update for you all, I’m 8 weeks today. I didn’t know my dates but today I had to go in for an early scan and I found out.

Sunday night I began passing clots and had a small amount of cramping. I called 111 as my GP was shut and they referred me for an early scan. I honestly was expecting the worst and wasn’t thinking I would be walking out of there with a huge smile on my face.

Turns out I have a haematoma next to baby and it’s harmless. It may unfortunately mean I’ll bleed again but unless I feel a need for concern we should both be ok.

I had my rough dates as 8+2 but turns out I’m 8 weeks exactly which is great and puts my due date to the very end of January 2018.

We saw our little blob on the screen with a little heart beating away, it was such a relief and I’m so glad we came away from there with happy news.

I also had my booking in appointment with the midwife today. I remember my first taking around an hour and it did this time too. I’ve got a new midwife this time compared to last time and she’s lovely as well.

We had a long chat about me being consultant led in this preganancy due to my 4th degree tear with my first baby (I’ll probably fill you all in about that another day). I was consultant led last time due my BMI anyway and all it meant was that they were keeping an extra eye on me which isn’t a bad thing.

So now I’ve just got to wait for my 12 week scan to come through the post and I’m next seeing the midwife in August.

I feel like I can breathe now as for the past couple of days I’ve just been worrying. Fingers crossed that the next few weeks will go smoothly.


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